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Longevity and style.

The reason I'm wanting to write this blog post is I want to provide you my lovely customers and followers with as much information as I can, to reassure you of the longevity of my jewellery and what you can do to best look after it. I want you to feel relaxed about your choice and to have all the information possible to put your mind and thoughts at ease. My jewellery is designed to be delicate by appearance but able to withstand day to day wear and last a lift time of wear. It would be wrong of anyone to sell say an engagement ring if they can not be worn and aren't made with longevity in mind.

I'm mostly going to be referring to rings in this post but this applies to all jewellery.

With my 17+year experience as a goldsmith and working with customers When someone says a ring its perfect in every way, But... this means that usually its the perfect ring and what is actually being said is "I'm nervous" nervous of the unknown that's holding back. It can be for some based on either the value of an item or not being use to wearing said item of jewellery (say never worn rings) For others it can be what that item of jewellery means and

represents. And for some its what others will think. My suggestion its always listen to what your gut is truly saying, not your thoughts and outside noise because thoughts can talk us out of everything and so can other people. Trust your gut. If you love the ring in every way and its perfect in every way then its usually the one. My suggestion is always to sit with your thoughts. When I use to work for a jewellers in Brighton and then another in Lewes I would often suggest to customers who I could see or sense the unease to go away and have a coffee or have the weekend/week to think it over, most came back and got the original item they saw. And its the same today with my customers I work with remotely. I always say take your time, think it over and then let me know. As with anything, from jewellery to cars, from household items to us (our body and minds) we all need taking care of and a bit of maintenance and check ups. And this is also true of all jewellery and something most people never consider. My suggestion for all and every item of jewellery to keep it its best:

- Remove rings when washing up, showering, gardening, swimming and saying gym visits.

- Necklaces remove when sleeping, showing, working-out and swimming,

- Earrings depending on the style remove when sleeping, swimming, shower etc.

I suggest lightly cleaning your jewellery with a soft babies tooth brush to remove dirt and grease, this will also get you to check it over so you can notice if a jeweller needs to give it a double check much like cars and a mechanic.

You'll find all sorts of different references, information and options online. You'll see people give different examples of what ethical jewellery is and isn't (which is why I don't use the term) Lots of people and companies will say XYZ are good for engagement rings and others will disagree. One example is lots suggest emeralds, opals or even pearls for engagement rings and these are great big no from me and the 17yrs+ of working with others with the trade, x2 of which are award winning bridal designers and from going to a top university for goldsmiths. Reason is they aren't strong enough for everyday wear.

Yes it's true over time rings can wear against each other but the way I make and design my rings, I try to remove potential wear points say on the sides of settings. I raise my settings so a wedding ring will sit under it rather than wearing away say delicate claws and setting. This is also why its suggested you match metal grade for wedding and engagement rings to avoid wear.

People, as in the outside world, have lots of ideas of how things should be. I've experiencing it with our own wedding and planning. Someone felt my shoes aren't special enough, but to me they are perfect, we've been told that we have to do XYZ or invite XYZ and some were slightly confused by our enjoyment ring choice but and its a great big but we are incredible happy with our choices. We have listened to our gut, inner voice, awareness. Truly there are no rules except for do you love it, does it make you smile, is made to last and meet what you want it to meet.

Another question I get asked is will I like it when I'm older? With regards to style over time, that's a tricky one as we are trying to predict many years in advance and we do not know that person yet. I try to make sure my jewellery isn't stylised to enable it to last a life time for the wearer. I've have done remodels for people in their late 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's who want a new design as they have had their ring since their early 20's and now feel it doesn't fit them, then their are others that are wearing rings which were their grandmothers. There have also been others that didn't follow their gut (their words) and couple years after getting married are having their rings redesigned. Those that wanted a new design reused the metal and stones to make something new so it still remains the same special ring.

Love your jewellery, in every way possible.



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