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All my creations are born from passion, dedication, and a touch of magic. I pour my heart into every design, backed by the investment of time and resources.

A Labor of Love: Behind the scenes, there's extensive research, creative brainstorming, and meticulous craftsmanship that brings each piece and our copy to life. It's more than just jewellery and words; it's a journey of dedication.

Guardians of Originality: I kindly request that you admire our work without reproducing it. Copying anything from our website, other selling platforms, or social media not only diminishes the essence of our creations but also undermines the dedication that goes into building Rebekah Ann® Jewellery.

Legal Enchantment: Unauthorised use will not be taken lightly. Copying jeopardizes the integrity of our brand and the livelihood of our artisan goldsmiths. Legal action will be taken to preserve the enchantment we've worked so hard to create.

Sharing the Magic Responsibly: If you wish to share our pieces, do so responsibly and with proper attribution. We appreciate your support in maintaining the authenticity of Rebekah Ann Jewellery.

Rebekah Ann® is not just a name; it's a registered business, symbolising my commitment to authenticity, quality, and the unique magic that defines every piece of Rebekah Ann® Jewellery.


1. Initial Appointments:

  • The first appointments or appointments lasting up to 1.5 hours are complimentary.

  • However, missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice via email to will incur a £30 missed fee. This fee covers Rebekah Ann's hourly rate for the appointment time, plus an administration fee.

  • We value open communication and collaboration throughout the design process. Please feel free to share your ideas, preferences, and any specific requirements to ensure the final piece reflects your vision.


2. Additional Appointments:

  • If additional appointments are required beyond the initial 1.5 hours, a possible rate of £20 per hour may apply (excluding collections).


3. Ownership and Confidentiality:

  • Any work or designs shared by Rebekah Ann during consultations, as well as final designs, remain the exclusive property of Rebekah Ann Jewellery. They cannot be utilized by another individual or entity.


4. Quotes and Validity:

  • Quotes provided are valid for up to 1-2 weeks from the date sent via email.

  • A small requote fee of £20 may apply for certain quotes after the 2-week period, reflecting the additional time required.

  • In the event of material price fluctuations within this 1-2week period, a new quote may be necessary before work commences.

  • Upon finalizing the design, we'll provide you with a detailed description or sketch for your approval. Any changes or modifications to the design after approval may incur additional costs and may impact the timeline.


5. Agreement and Payments:

  • Requesting an invoice following a quote signifies the first agreement to proceed with Rebekah Ann Jewellery.

  • Payments for commissions, made-to-order, bespoke, remodels, and services outlined in this document are invoiced via email from and are due via bank transfer or PayPal upon prior request.

  • Invoice deposit payments are due within 24-32 hours of issuance. Failure to pay the deposit within two weeks will result in the cancellation of the invoice, requiring a new invoice to be issued, subject to an administrative fee if applicable.


6. Payment Confirmation and Balance:

  • Upon clearance of deposit funds, a receipt of payment will be emailed.

  • Full payment receipt will be provided upon receipt of the balance payment upon completion of the work.

  • In-person card payments are accepted using IZettle.


7. Delivery Timeline and Deposit:

  • Normal delivery for commissions, remodels, and bespoke work is 4-6 weeks or 5-8 weeks (depending on the job type) from the date of cleared deposit payment, not the invoice creation date.

  • A minimum deposit of 50% (or 60% for some jobs) is required before work can commence, with the remaining balance due upon completion. Please notify us via email once the deposit payment is made.

8. Refunds and Modifications:

  • All commissions,, bespoke, remodels, or work outlined in this document are non refundable.

  • All deposits for commissions,, bespoke, remodels, or work outlined in this document are non-refundable or exchangeable.

  • Once materials have been ordered, the order cannot be cancelled, and the balance payment becomes due.

  • We strive for your utmost satisfaction. In the rare event that adjustments are needed outside of the original design, any additional costs for materials and/or labor will be discussed transparently.


9. Quality Assurance and Warranty:

  • We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and undergoes thorough quality checks before delivery. Additionally, we offer a warranty period to address any manufacturing defects, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product.


10.Insurance and Liability:

  • While every effort is made to ensure the safety and security of your jewelry during production and delivery, we recommend obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for valuable items. Rebekah Ann Jewellery cannot be held liable for any loss or damage beyond our control once the item has been delivered or collected.


11. Dispute Resolution:

  • In the unlikely event of a dispute or disagreement, we encourage open dialogue and seek an amicable resolution through mediation or arbitration. Our goal is to address any concerns promptly and fairly to maintain our valued relationship with you.


12. Privacy and Data Protection:

  • We respect your privacy and handle your personal information with the utmost confidentiality and security. Any data collected during the commission process is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling your order and will not be shared with third parties without your consent.


13. Feedback and Testimonials:

  • Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us improve our services. We welcome your honest feedback and may request permission to feature your testimonial or photos of the completed piece on our website or social media channels to inspire others.


14.Customization and Variations:

  • As each piece is handcrafted and unique, slight variations in appearance may occur, adding to its charm and individuality. We embrace the beauty of imperfection and strive to deliver a one-of-a-kind piece that resonates with your personal style.



The headings within this agreement serve as signposts along our shared path, guiding us with clarity and purpose. They are offered for convenience, but their presence does not diminish the significance of these Terms or their implications for our journey together.

REFUSAL OF SERVICE: At Rebekah Ann Jewellery, we strive to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all our customers. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who engages in rude, disrespectful, or inappropriate behavior towards our team members or other customers.


Furthermore, if a customer has previously requested quotes or engaged in discussions with us but subsequently ceased communication without explanation commonly referred to as "ghosting", we may choose to decline future requests for services or products.

We believe in fostering genuine and mutually respectful relationships with our customers, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding these standards.

PRICE ADJUSTMENTS &  SERVICE UPDATES: At Rebekah Ann Jewellery, we recognize that our prices may be influenced by various factors, including fluctuations in third-party costs such as metal inflation.

Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust the prices of our products without prior notice to reflect changes in these external factors. Additionally, we may, at our discretion, modify or suspend any aspect of our service, including specific features or content, without advance warning.

Please be aware that quotes provided by us are valid for a period of one week from the date of issuance. Due to potential price changes and fluctuations, any quote older than one week may need to be reevaluated, and a new quote may need to be provided.

We want to assure you that any adjustments we make are made thoughtfully and with your best interests in mind. However, we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or disruption caused by these necessary updates.

SALES POLICIES & QUALITY STANDARDS: At Rebekah Ann Jewellery, we honor the uniqueness of each individual and the diverse landscapes of our world.

While we strive to make our products and services accessible to all, we reserve the right to tailor our offerings to specific individuals, geographic regions, or jurisdictions as needed. This allows us to uphold the integrity of our brand and ensure the best possible experience for our valued customers, one case at a time.

In our pursuit of excellence, we may also limit the quantities of products or services available to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This commitment extends to the descriptions and pricing of our products, which may be subject to occasional adjustments at our sole discretion. Additionally, we reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time, as we evolve and refine our offerings to reflect our values and vision.

Please note that any offers made on this site are void where prohibited by law, as we uphold the principles of legality and integrity in all our business dealings.

While we strive for perfection, we acknowledge that human error may occur. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every product or service will meet your expectations. However, we are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and with the utmost care.

INFORMATION INTEGRITY: At Rebekah Ann Jewellery, we strive to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, but we understand that the journey of knowledge is ever-evolving and multifaceted.

While we endeavor to present information on this site with integrity and authenticity, we acknowledge that it may not always be entirely accurate, complete, or current. Therefore, we encourage you to view the content on this site as a starting point for exploration rather than the sole basis for decision-making. We recommend consulting additional, more authoritative sources to ensure a comprehensive understanding of any topic.

Please be mindful that the historical information presented on this site serves as a testament to our heritage and craftsmanship. However, it may not always reflect the most current developments. We reserve the right to update or modify the content of this site at our discretion, but we are under no obligation to do so.

As a valued member of our community, we entrust you with the responsibility of staying informed about any changes or updates to our site. Your engagement with our content is a journey of discovery, and we invite you to navigate it with curiosity and discernment.

COPYRIGHT - IP: At Rebekah Ann Jewellery, we cherish the creative essence and craftsmanship imbued in every aspect of our site. All materials, from the captivating images and intricate illustrations to the thoughtfully crafted designs and eloquent text, are enveloped in a tapestry of copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights. These rights are either owned, controlled, or licensed to Rebekah Ann Jewellery, symbolizing our commitment to authenticity and originality.

While we invite you to explore and engage with our site, we ask that you do so with the reverence it deserves. The contents of our site, woven with intention and passion, are intended for personal enrichment and exploration, rather than commercial exploitation. Feel free to download or copy materials for the noble purpose of placing an order with Rebekah Ann Jewellery or using our site as a beacon of inspiration for your personal journey.

Yet, we implore you to tread lightly upon the tapestry of our creation. Though you may be enchanted by its beauty, no right, title, or interest in any downloaded materials or software is bestowed upon you through such actions. It is our fervent wish that you respect the sanctity of our craft and refrain from reproducing, publishing, transmitting, distributing, displaying, modifying, or creating derivative works from any part of our site without our express consent.

We take the protection of our intellectual property seriously. Therefore, we reserve the right to prosecute any individual or entity found to be in violation of our copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. We will pursue all available legal remedies to uphold the integrity of our brand and safeguard the fruits of our labor.

LIABILITY AND WARRANTY: As we embark on this journey together, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for entrusting me with a part of your story. At Rebekah Ann Jewellery, transparency and integrity are at the core of everything we do, including our liability and warranty policies.

When you engage with my service, you become a cherished part of our community, and your trust means everything to me. While I pour my heart and soul into every piece of jewellery I create, I understand that perfection is a journey, not a destination.

Hence, I want to assure you that my service is presented to you with authenticity and care. While I cannot guarantee flawlessness, I promise to stand by your side should any challenges arise along the way.

Please know that I cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances or outcomes resulting from the use of my service. This includes, but is not limited to, any physical or emotional harm, damage to property, or other losses incurred while interacting with my service.

However, rest assured that I am committed to addressing any concerns you may have and ensuring your satisfaction to the best of my ability.

Furthermore, neither I nor any of my trusted associates, affiliates, or content providers shall be held liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, that may occur as a result of your interaction with my service. Our journey together is one of shared experiences, mutual respect, and personal responsibility.

When you choose Rebekah Ann Jewellery, you choose more than just a piece of adornment – you choose a connection to the past, a celebration of the present, and a commitment to sustainability and purposeful craftsmanship.

Rebekah Ann Jewellery takes great care and pride in the craftsmanship of our pieces. However, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by work carried out by another jeweller you choose to work with, including but not limited to resizing, cleaning, or alterations performed on our products.


While we strive to ensure the highest quality standards in our creations, any modifications or alterations made by a third party are beyond our control and are undertaken at the customer's own risk.

We recommend entrusting any adjustments or repairs to Rebekah Ann to ensure the integrity and longevity of the piece.

Rebekah Ann Jewellery takes pride in crafting pieces of exquisite beauty and enduring quality. However, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by misuse or improper care of our jewellery. It is important to note that jewellery, particularly rings, is delicate and requires proper handling and care. We advise our customers to remove their jewellery, especially rings, when engaging in activities such as washing dishes, swimming, bathing, working out, gardening, cleaning, and sleeping, as these activities may subject the jewellery to undue stress or damage. Additionally, we recommend that jewellery be checked and cleaned regularly by a professional jeweller to ensure that it is in sound condition. This information is provided with each sale to ensure that our customers are aware of the proper care and maintenance required to preserve the beauty and longevity of their cherished pieces.

LEGAL FRAMEWORK: As we embark on this journey together, the use of this site and any agreement between you and Rebekah Ann Jewellery for the purchase of products shall be guided by the laws of England and Wales. Our connection, rooted in authenticity and purposeful craftsmanship, finds its home in the rich tapestry of these lands, and we honor the traditions and values they uphold.

In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable, we believe in the resilience of our shared journey. Such a provision shall be considered separate from the essence of our terms and conditions, preserving the validity and strength of the remaining provisions.

PROHIBITED USES: At Rebekah Ann Jewellery, we believe in fostering a community built on mutual respect, integrity, and inclusivity. To uphold these values, we ask that you refrain from engaging in the following prohibited uses of our site or its content:

(a) Engaging in any activity that violates the law or promotes unlawful behavior; (b) Soliciting others to participate in unlawful acts or behavior; (c) Violating any applicable laws or regulations at the international, federal, provincial, or state level; (d) Infringing upon our intellectual property rights or the rights of others; (e) Engaging in any form of harassment, abuse, defamation, or discrimination based on protected characteristics such as gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin, or disability; (f) Providing false or misleading information; (g) Uploading or transmitting viruses or any other malicious code that may disrupt the functionality of our Service or any related website; (h) Collecting or tracking the personal information of others without their consent; (i) Engaging in spamming, phishing, or any other deceptive practices; (j) Using the Service for any obscene or immoral purposes; (k) Attempting to interfere with or bypass the security measures of our Service or any related website.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to our Service or any related website if you engage in any of these prohibited uses.

If you have any questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for being part of the Rebekah Ann® Jewellery journey!

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