Can gold tarnish?

The short answer is yes, gold can tarnish. 9ct gold is 375 parts gold per 1000. 18ct gold is 750 parts gold per 1000. This means there’s other alloys within it which can tarnish due to a number of factors. It can tarnish with wear in the ear from natural oils or due to perfumes, shower gels, shampoos etc. Atmosphere can also cause/accelerate tarnishing depending on how and were your jewellery is kept. This is not a fault with your 9ct gold or 18ct gold and refunds or exchanges will not be accepted against tarnished jewellery. You can easily clean your jewellery at home. There are cloths that can be purchase to help clean the jewellery. A good example is Town Talk Polish Gold Polishing & Anti-Tarnish Cloth. Avoid cleaning solutions.

C A R E ∙ Tips
I want your jewellery to remain as lovely as the day you first tried it on, so to help maintain the finish of your new jewellery please follow this top care tips.
- Do not wear silver in a pool, spa, or in the sea
- Remove when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities
- Avoid contact with perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals, including household cleaners as this can tarnish silver and some golds.
- Avoid chemical jewellery cleaners, if you do decide to us only dip item for 3-5 seconds at a time and run under running water to remove all chemicals. These cleaners can damage your jewellery so use with caution.
- Use warm soapy water to clean stones, using a soft babies tooth brush. Rinse well

COVID-19. UPDATED 24 March 2020

Workshop chic!! When polishing we jewellers wear a mask to stop all the nasty compound etc getting into our lungs. I no longer offer a high polish as a standard finish to limit the amount of polishing I have to do. Just look how dirty you get!

The main reason for me writing this is to give you an update in relation to @rebekahannjewellery and COVID-19.

I’ve decided I need to put some realistic delivery times in place for all new orders and commissions. My online shops remain open but for anything other than vouchers delivery is now 3-5 weeks and commission could be up to 8 weeks. I’m hoping I can reduce these times but I feel it’s best to add this extra time to cover for all eventualities plus I am observing the UK governments lock-down rules which means avoiding leaving the flat to visit the workshop/post office where ever possible. Due to the nature and designs of my jewellery plus not owning personal mode of transport I’m unable to set up a fully functional workshop at home.

I can not wait to get back to my bench and get working on all your orders. I promise I will be putting in extra hours after all of this to ensure you receive your new purchase as quickly as possible.

I again want to say a huge thank you for your continued support, you guys truly are incredible. I’m one lucky lady and small business owner. Love you guys 💛

I will keep you posted should there be any changes to this. Please do keep an eye on my Instagram @rebekahannjewellery where I will be bring you up to date information.
Please look after yourselves and look out for those around you. We are all in this together. #supportsmall #supporteachother #showlove #showsupport


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