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Passionate about what I do.

Jewellery, its a love affair.

Rebekah Ann

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To say that I love what I do is an understatement (look at the cheesy face!) I feel blessed and honoured to call this my business, my work and my living and love every single aspect of having my business.


I've been making jewellery for over 16 years now, after joining an evening class and going on to study Jewellery and Silversmithing at the CASS in London. Since then i've been lucky enough to have been employed by two ward winning jewellery designers. I also have extensive repair knowledge from my time working for a large repairs company on the South Coast of England, and have a eye for detail.

Now I send my days in the Jewellers Hub, Brighton working on my own work for you wonderful peeps, whilst supporting the aspirations and ambitions of others within the trade. I'm also lucky enough to spend my evenings teaching. I've recently been named the WJN Ambassador for Brighton and i'm beyond excited to be involved. Making jewellery and working within this industry truly brings me joy.


My jewellery is Delicate by design, allowing for easy layering of items across the ranges to make for a more personalised statement look. Every item of Jewellery as been lovingly considered and carefully chosen and crafted for its special meaning, wear-ability and diversity. Organic beauty plays a large part in my precious collection, making each item completely unique.

 I feel blessed and honoured to call this my business



Jewellery wasn't my first career choice. I was actually going to be a midwife, l've helped deliver a large number of babies but thanks to a free paper I joined a jewellery making evening course back in 2003 and my life changed completely! I quit my job, went to UNI, moved away and the rest as they say, is history.

After finishing university I found out I have a chronic illness (Consultants words not mine) I can be fine one minute, for weeks, months or even years I can be in remission but then bam 💥 my naughty immune system gets all confused and attack's healthy tissue, joints etc. I hid this from people for years, with only my close family knowing. Largely because it confuses me! I'm lucky as when I'm well, aside from my meds and the terrible fatigue at points no one would know what's going on, that's why it's known as an invisible illness. The reason I mention this is it's a big driving force behind my business. Self employment gives me freedom and flexibility and removes stresses that I found in employment, particularly the last couple of years. Actually because of this condition I've done some incredible things. I call incredible, some call mad! These include trekking across a desert, trekking in a rain-forest, solo travel with just a flight booked, charity boxing match in front of 500 people, OCR's, sky diving oh the list goes on. Basically I believed that by age 35 I wouldn't be able to do very much and it scared the whatsit out of me. So I decided to just do it, just go for it while I could and it was the best thing I could have done. And now I try and apply the just do it attitude to everything! And now that I'm 36 and still able to do these things, well let's just say I'm over the moon.

So my jewellery and my business truly are part of me. They have helped me to become who I am, and allow me to be who I am. My chosen career path has helped me stay strong and believe in myself when others thought I was mad, including my consultant who wanted me to find a new career, This is what I wanted to do, this is what I love and this is what I believe. It's been hard at points but I feel blessed and honoured to make jewellery for you wonderful people all round the world. Jewellery holds so much within it. And the fact that people choose my work brings me pure and utter joy. So thank you to all of you have make this possible. 


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