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Every item of Rebekah Ann jewellery is considered, not only for its design, but for its purpose. Lovingly and carefully handmade to order using considered eco conscious and sustainable processes and materials. Before Rebekah has even begun to make your jewellery you already have its purpose in mind, its only come into being for that very reason. It’s considered, its thoughtful, it was only ever meant for you.

Rebekah Ann Jewellery has grown from Rebekah's love for ancient jewellery, the beauty in raw materials, seeing beauty in the imperfect. Its linked to the memories jewellery evokes and her belief in making jewellery in a purposeful, ECO conscious and sustainable way as possible. Rebekah believe's in luxury that is non compromising and that doesn't cost the Earth., wanting to show that being eco conscious, sustainable and using recycled materials does not mean compromising on style. 




PURPOSEFUL: Every item for jewellery is made to order, it has a purpose before it’s life has begun. It’s a ring the represent a couples love, it’s a gift for a friends, it’s a self gift to mark a mile stone’s. Your item of jewellery was purposefully made for you and only you. It’s also made in a purposeful way, purposefully having as little impact on our environment as possible.

SUSTAINABLE: Slow made, made to order is a sustainable way to work. Only using and sourcing valuable resources as and when they are needed. Not carrying back stock of gold, or having work just sat in stock boxes hoping someone might buy it one day. It’s something I can maintain and helps ensure that the above values are met. Working in a way that looks to the future and works towards less devastation for generations to come.
Thinking beyond the life of the product, what can happen to its at the end of its life. I do sometimes make a very small number of one off designs but never carry more than 4-5 items.

ECO CONSCIOUS: Or eco aware. I’m consciously aware of the environment and what impact I and my business might be having and what I can do to lessen this. The environment is at the core of my business and jewellery. Over the years, following conversations and learning I’ve removed nasty chemicals from the workshop replacing with natural alternatives, I’ve stopped offering certain finishes. I’m only using recycled or responsible sourced materials, I off set my CO2 , I use recycled and compostable packing, to name a few of my steps. I know how impactful my jewellery and my business can be on the environment so I’m working to reduce this impact as much as possible.

The language used in the industry and to describe certain aspects of being a goldsmith and a sustainable jeweller can be tricky and so I make sure to reference and work along side the Jewelry Glossary Project to help make sure that customers and goldsmiths/jewellers/sellers are using the same reference to make sure there is a transparency across the board with regards to the turns used.
The goal of the Jewelry Glossary Project is to create shared definitions of key terms within the jewelry industry for use by the trade and the public. The project was launched to increase transparency throughout the supply chain, by building consensus on definitions for key terms and creating accountability for their usage.