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Greener Brand

I'm trying to make sure that I work in a way that has as little impact on our environment as possible. Here are a few extra things that you might not know about.

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A not-for-profit organisation, The Green Web Foundation, visualises the kind of energy which powers the internet. The Green Web has certified that is hosted using green energy.

As of Feb 2022 I have off set 17.61 tones of CO2e with Ecologi which is equivalent to 14 long haul flights,  53 meters2 of sea ice saved, 43,690 miles driven in a car,

As of November 2022 I have been a 1ct monthly supporter of Diamonds for Peace.  Diamonds for Peace vision is "A world in which diamonds are mined, cut and processed with humanitarian and environmental considerations"

You can read more about my promise and how I work here.

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