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All handmade to your requirements, within my house design

I’m true, my excitement, joy and everything you witness and experience in our time together is real. You have me. You are intrusting me to make something truly special, often with family treasures. Because of this trust I want you to know me, the real me.

While we work together, we build a true and deep relationship. It might be for 40 minutes in our appointment; it might be for 6 weeks while we make your ideas into reality, or it might be a relationship that goes beyond. You are becoming part of my jewellery family and I a part of your family. I get to meet family members; I get to see special photos or know of deeply personal and exciting plans that no one else knows. This is special, and so you trust in me, you get the true and pure me in return.

I want to create jewellery that you’ll love, I want you to have jewellery you’ll cherish, jewellery that will be gifted on to next generations with its story That’s why I work to make your visions come to reality, that’s why I will never up sell, I encourage you to follow your heart. What makes you feel warm and happy is your item of jewellery. I ask you to close off from outside noise, to tune out the “should have” or “rules” and follow what your inner voice and gut is saying. Our instinct is so strong when we allow it to be heard.

Why choose to work with me?

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