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I want you to buy less jewellery.... hear me out!

Three words for you, Capsule Jewellery Collection. I want to help you to buy less but buy with more consideration and to buy quality long lasting jewellery.

I've written about Capsule Jewellery collections before but today I want to look at things from a different view point. When was it the fast fashion retailers and supermarkets started stocking jewellery in the volumes that they do now? It makes my head spin just how much plastic and rubbish is being sold and shortly binned.

A capsule jewellery collections fits into and for me refers to the 30 Wears Campaign started my Livia Firth. She posed the question, can you commit to wearing something 30 times? If you can't then perhaps don't buy it. And I want to expand on this for jewellery.

Firstly, if you can avoid buying fast jewellery as mentioned above, avoid but if you feel you can't then ask yourself why? Is it time frame? Price point? What makes you turn to fast jewellery? Then come the next questions or the questions I want to help encourage people to ask themselves. Can I wear it 30 times? or more importantly Would I want to wear 30 times? Can it be repaired should it become damaged? Can I recycle it or remodel it into something new later down the line?

Your capsule jewellery collection should be jewellery that you absolutely love and want to wear, and will wear. They should be versatile and interchangeable. So my capsule collection currently includes a pair of my diamond studs, my diamond hoop, one of my new hoops, pair of my ouroboros infinity hoops My self engagement ring and my engagement ring, a dainty ring, plus a champagne token necklace and a shorter diamond necklace. Oh and not forgetting my nose ring and toe ring. I mix these up depending on my mood (not the nose and toe ring!) I have to admit it does also include one plastic pair of hoops. I purchased these a number of years ago and still wear but would not buy another pair or anything else made from this material. I find that these items carry me from every day basics to all out glamour.

So how does your jewellery collection look? With it being lockdown why not get all your jewellery together and look it over. Do you have lots of jewellery that you simply do not wear? If so why? And why do you still have it? Then look and see if you have jewellery that could be re-worked into something you will want to wear. Jewellery should be worn rather than sat hiding in a jewellery box never to see the light of day.

If you have jewellery that you do not wear (that's not precious metal) why not donate it to a charity shop or look to sell on ebay, clearing up space to allow you to see the jewellery you do have that you love and truly want to wear.

When thinking of your Key items in your capsule collection. They may include,





I personally haven't worn bangles or bracelets in years, and so do not own any. Building your capsule jewellery collection is about you and your personal style, not fashion. Building a key capsule jewellery collection is also part of building a sustainable wardrobe. Its about quality items that you love over quantity.

Over the first lockdown I worked with customers, remodelling jewellery that they didn't wear but held special meaning and helped them to build their capsule collection. If this is something that you are interested in doing, please do reach out.

Remodelling jewellery for me is an absolute honour. Sustainable jewellery at its finest.

I'm going to sign off for today but thank you so much for reading. I would love to hear your view in the comments below.


*Note costume jewellery and fashion/fast fashion jewellery are very different things ad true costume jewellery can be worth a lot of money.


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