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Capsule jewellery collection

I believe a key way to shop for jewellery is to think about building a capsule jewellery collection. And this is something to consider when buying any jewellery. Including Bridal jewellery! Your capsule jewellery collection is about building a collection of jewellery that you love, its about investing in jewellery that sparks joy and jewellery you want to wear as much as possible. A beautiful collection that will take you from day to night.

Rings: A good place to start when thinking of a capsule collection is stacking rings. I love stacking rings they enable the wearer to change the look of the jewellery simply and effortlessly.

Necklaces: If you are picking necklaces see if they come on adjustable chains to enable you to change the length meaning you have ore options to wear. All my necklaces are offered on adjustable chains to enable you to build a layered look or adjust according to the neck line of your top. This way with just three necklaces on adjustable chains you can make at least 15 different looks!

Earrings: When building your capsule jewellery collection you may need to purchase more earrings, depend on how many piercings you actually have. I change which piercing I wear my earrings in and I often wear mismatched studs and hoops. So as you can most likely guess I suggest a A hoop, a stud and a statement earring as a good starting point,

Its important to pick wisely. When building you jewellery capsule collection its important to consider the material its made from. You want to pick quality over quantity, you want jewellery that will be hard wearing, that can be repaired and looks beautiful no matter whats it's age. Fast fashion jewellery may look nice for a month but wear it regularly and the plating wears, it can make your fingers green and then when it breaks its unable to be.paired and sadly ends up in landfill.

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