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Wheres the conversation about Fast Jewellery?

We all know the impact of fast fashion, there's a huge conversation and movement going on around it but where is the conversation around fast jewellery?

Walk into a high street shop and you will find areas dedicated to jewellery. Vast amounts of non repairable jewellery. Basically jewellery has, because of its price point, become considered a disposable object. Something that was once a family heirloom, a special item saved up for over a period of time. When you can buy a pack of 6 or 8 rings at a time for £6.99 jewellery looses its special meaning and becomes something throw away.

But what is the true cost of those £6.99 rings? What is the environmental impact and the humanitarian impact of those making these rings. What happens to the jewellery that is unsold? Do customers realise that it can not be repaired? What is it even made of? None of the packaging had this on...

I would love to go an see where these rings are made, I would love to meet with a large company and pose some of my questions to them. I want the world to start looking at the issues around these £6.99 rings!

I am fully aware that my trade has some serious questions to ask it's self but the fast fashion area seems to be completely over looked. Why? Is it even considered part of the jewellery industry or is it the fashion industry? Is it this grey area that is causing it to be over looked? I do not know. I just know that I want to investigate this and help get the conversation going and bring more information to you all to help bring awareness. I run my business to ensure I have as little impact as I can. What are these large companies doing? And are they even fully aware of their impact?

Lets get the conversation going and lets get investigating. If you would love to collaborate, or of just have a conversation or If you have any information I would love to hear from you.


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