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Hello from Rebekah Ann HQ

Its been a hot minute again since my last blog. The past 4 months have been lovely, making your bespoke jewellery commissions, working in fields teaching cuttlefish casting, getting to work with all my lovely customers and lots of wonderful sea swimming, as well as meeting up with friends and family. Oh and lots of delicious coffee!

This ring here is the latest's to arrive with its new owner and I have to admit, i'm in love with this gold and emerald combination. Did you know that Emeralds are more than 20 times rarer than Diamonds?

I've also got to work with lots of wonderful couples making their wedding rings. This always brings me such joy, This pair here made by heart sing I love the texture, the markings and that the 22ct gold ring was my customers grandfathers so we simply resized and refinished it.

Its not all been rings, These twisted hoops earrings were made from a customers old items of jewellery. This is the beauty of gold, it can be reworked over and over again.

And lets not forget the launch of my new collection and original jewellery concept, Beauty in the broken. The response has been overwhelming. There are a small number of items left with some new items arriving very soon so watch this space!



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