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Memorial Jewellery

Crafting memorial jewellery is a deeply personal and heartfelt journey. Throughout history, mourning and memorial jewellery have served various purposes, from commemorating specific individuals to symbolising status or offering protection. The tradition dates back to ancient Roman times, where materials like bones and teeth were incorporated into these pieces.

However, it wasn't until the 1800s, during Queen Victoria's mourning for her beloved Prince Albert, that mourning jewellery gained widespread popularity. Since then, the styles and themes of memorial jewellery have evolved, incorporating materials such as hair and, with modern technology, even ashes and fingerprints.

Crafting memorial pieces is a profound experience, as the hold such personal significance. One of the most heartwarming yet heartbreaking pieces i've undertaken was creating fingerprint jewellery for a dear friend who had lost their newborn daughter. Holding her tiny hand and finger to create an imprint was an emotional process, but knowing that I could create something to keep her memory close was deeply special.

Similarly, working on a recent memorial ring for a customer I've never met was a humbling experience. Entrusting me with the precious memory of their loved one is an honour I do not take lightly. In these pieces, I incorporate a secret compartment behind a stone or within the ring to hold ashes or hair, allowing my customers to keep their loved ones close.

While some have requested combining ashes with gold, I have chosen not to offer this option after careful consideration and consultation with fellow goldsmiths. We believe that the ashes would not remain during the smelting process meaning they touch the gold rather than being encased within it. Additionally, I refrain from using resin to combine with ashes, as its longevity is uncertain, and I want to ensure that each piece remains a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

Each memorial piece I create tells a unique story, rooted in the deep emotions and connections shared between loved ones. It's a privilege to craft these pieces with care and reverence, knowing that they will hold immense meaning for my customers for years to come.

If you are interested in have a memorial item made please do get in touch.

Love & Light,



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