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Will Wedding Rings Fit After Pregnancy? The Post-Pregnancy Ring Dilemma

"Will my wedding rings fit after pregnancy?" is a question that frequents the minds of many expectant individuals, and as a jeweller, I understand the significance of this concern. Pregnancy brings about a myriad of changes, and one of them may be the temporary impossibility of wearing your cherished rings due to swelling. Fear not, for this is a common occurrence, and the solution often lies in patience.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes various transformations, and fluid retention can lead to swollen fingers. This might leave you with a sense of longing for the familiar fell of your rings. The good news is that for many, this swelling is a temporary side effect of the incredible journey of creating new life.

The journey back to your finger size from before pregnancy is not an immediate one. It's essential to give your body the time it needs to recover from the miraculous feat of childbirth. In my experience (did you know I use to work on delivery suit before becoming jeweller) I often recommend waiting for a period of 4+ months post-delivery before considering resizing your rings. This timeframe allows your body to naturally adjust, and you might find that your rings fit comfortably once again.

Resizing too soon can be a hasty decision. Your body is still in the process of regaining its balance, and patience is the key. Rushing into resizing may result in adjustments that could later prove unnecessary as your body continues its post-pregnancy transformation.

So, to all the new parents pondering the fate of their wedding rings, remember: time is your ally. Embrace the changes, relish the moments with your little one, and when the time is right, consider the option of resizing with the assurance that your rings will once again find their place on your finger.

Wishing you a journey filled with love, joy, and beautifully fitting rings.

With warmth,

Rebekah Ann


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