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The Self Engagement Finger!

More than a piece of jewellery. Self engagement is about self connection, self awareness and self love. Self engagement is an acknowledgement of all of those things.

Its self empowerment.

My course is almost over and here's a tiny something from one of my projects. It needs refining but this little logo, icon, image is the start of my big promotion on self engagement. I'm claiming the index finger as the self engagement ring finger! And no I'm not a man hating women or a depressed single lady. Far from it in fact. This all started after a bit of a rocky time in my life and I decided that I needed to make a promise and commitment to myself. I love visual reminders and what better way then with an 'engagement' ring.

Why an engagement ring I hear you say. Well, First lets look at the dictionary result for engagement

noun noun: engagement; plural noun: engagements 1. a formal agreement to get married. "she'd broken off her engagement to Paul" 2. an arrangement to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time. "a dinner engagement"

Self engagement is simply an agreement with yourself. In my case an agreement to respect, honour and care for myself. To know that no matter what I've got this. Last spring I made myself a diamond ring and wore it on my ring finger. Later in the year I questioned wearing it on my ring finger. My self engagement is for no one else but me, its not to hide behind and pretend to the world i'm in a relationship (like some people believed) it was just about me. So I did a little research in to the history of wearing rings on different fingers and found that the index finger represented power. So I've turn that power into self empowerment. And now claiming the index finger as the self engagement finger!

You may think I sound crazy, or odd but my self engagement has really helped me connect with myself again. I know I've got this, and if I have a little wobble I just look at my ring and remember.

Now you don't need a ring for self engagement, you in fact don't need an item of jewellery. You don't even need to be single. Self engagement is about connecting and making a promise with yourself and should you wish, having a visual reminder of that promise.


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