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Single Mine Origin golds -SMO Gold

As a business owner committed to eco-conscious practices, I've been exploring ways to bring you jewellery with a more significant humanitarian impact. While fair mined ecological gold was my first choice, after many meetings and much research sadly it was not financially viable for myself or my customers due to high processing fees. Upon much research I've found another option: Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold.

Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold refers to gold that has been mined from a single location, as opposed to gold that has been mixed from multiple sources. The idea behind SMO gold is that it provides greater transparency and traceability in the gold supply chain, as the gold can be traced back to its origin and the conditions under which it was mined can be verified.

SMO gold is sourced from mines around the world, and many companies work with a number of partners to ensure that the gold is ethically and sustainably produced. SMO gold provides customers with detailed information about the origin of their gold, including the mine name, location, and production details.

SMO gold is guaranteed to be 100% mercury-free. The use of mercury in gold mining is a significant environmental and health hazard, and many organizations are working to eliminate it from the supply chain.

To learn more about SMO gold please visit here. I can't wait to bring you more information on how I will be working with and using SMO gold.


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