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Self engagement and Sologamy

I use to Joke about marrying myself at 30 if I were still a single lady. Oh how a 21yr olds mind works. Well I’m now 35 (knocking on the door of 36) and happily single, although I’d like to point out not eternally single! I did however in the summer of 2018 engage myself, and I even made myself a diamond ring. Now this isn’t for anyone else other than me. Getting engaged is a promise, a promise that you will love and cherish someone, that you devote yourself to them and promise to be there for one another. Well, shouldn’t we all promise this to ourselves? My self-engagement is a remind to myself. My ring acts as a visual reminder. If I’m having a tough day, I simply look at my ring and remember my promise to myself and boy has it worked.

Self-respect and self-love are important and something we should be teaching the younger generations. And honestly I can highly recommend engaging yourself. I have questioned a lot of things since putting this ring on my own finger, stopping myself when I do certain things. And you don’t need a ring to do this, but a visual reminder does help.

Diamond ring

Sologamy – Is marriage by a person to oneself. This isn’t a step I have actually considered taking (yet, never say never!) I personally see the engagement as the personal promise to yourself (or between a couple) and marriage as the witnessed declaration and celebration of this promise. I guess if I keep getting questioned about being single perhaps I will have a self-marriage… but for now I’m very happy with how things are.

I’ll be doing more post about Self engagement and Sologamy over the comings months so watch this space.


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