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May Eco Alternatives

Its May and the new Eco alternative blog is here. You guys are loving these posts, so thank you. I must admit I am loving these new products, companies and eco alternatives. So far I have a new subscription box and receive eco alternatives for my kitchen and bathroom, I’ve found a new makeup company, I’ve replaced my damaged plastic (yuk!) phone case for a biodegradable one. Remember this isn’t about buying additional stuff its about discovering alternatives for products and services ready for when I run out or need to replace worn out items.

This month I have included a few different types of services and companies that offer eco alternatives. We ready to jump in?

Did you know about eco friendly hairdressers? Hands up who is excited about having their hair done once out of isolation? And hands up who is thinking about going for a change? I certainly am. Well let me introduce you to Brighton’s first “Eco Salon” Cuttlefish. Founded in 1990 Cuttlefish are constantly sourcing what they believe to be the cleanest and greenest products available - vegan, cruelty free and as sustainable as possible. So I’m going to book my patch test and consultation and get this mop of hair sorted into something fresh and exciting.

Hands up who loves a good blanket and cushion combo? Not only do they look good but are perfect for snuggling up with. If you haven’t heard of Shiv textiles, you need to go check her out. Shiv crafts with a conscience. By upcycling pre-consumer waste from mills across Britain, She’s on a mission to throw away our throwaway culture (women after my own heart!) Made from quality yarns, her products are designed to last. And boy are they beautiful. Not only that, But Shiv also runs workshops. Do you hear a new hobby calling?

I must admit I feel better with a bit of a tan, but I’m very aware of protecting my skin but also of the nasty chemicals that can be in self tan lotions and oils. TanOrganics looks like it could be the solution. TanOrganic uses natural and organic ingredients and are the only Eco-Certified self-tanning brand in the world! Beautiful packaged in recyclable packaging this could be the product I’ve been looking for.

TanOrganics creator Noelle O’Connor is very passionate about natural, organic skin health and helping to educate people about the dangers of sun exposure. She also donates a percentage of each sale to cancer research worldwide.

So you know I have found a fabulous eco make up company, now I have been on the look out for a good face oil and make up remover and I may have just found it.

Oktavia, the owner of The Zero Waste Maker, is a costume maker and at the beginning of 2018 she went on a zero waste journey and looked at everything in her home that she could maybe replace with a more sustainable alternative. Over long hours of DIY Oktavia began making things that are sustainable from fabrics in her scrap bins. Her vision has now grown and she now sells an array of products including this organic and vegan make-up remover which doubles up as a cleanser. The reviews on this product are fabulous and as I have been looking for a new oil cleanser and make-up remover I of course ordered myself a bottle. I’m like a small girl at Christmas full of excitement.

You can also find Oktavia products on Etsy.

With Chris’s ever-growing beard we are on the hunt for nice napkins, and these by Sami Couper look just beautiful. Handmade by Sami, including hand dying the material in her garden studio. I urge you to go and check them out. I think napkins can often be over looked these days, but let bring them back and get ride of nasty kitchen towel (I've never been one for kitchen towel much to the past annoyance of Chris)

I’ve decided to share with you this double diamond and disc ring, a ring that has been purchased recently as an engagement ring and I’m absolutely buzzing with pride that during this currently pandemic someone has chosen my jewellery to symbolise their love. As with all my jewellery its handmade to order using eco aware process, 100% recycled gold and responsibly sourced stones. I must admit I have been thinking about marriage myself a lot recently and have considered popping the questions myself!

You may not know this, and you may not wish to know but I currently have 6 tattoos. One of which covers most of my back and round onto my ribs… I say currently as I am lusting after a new tattoo. But not any tattoo, a tattoo by the ever so lovely and incredibly talented artist Nathan, the fabulous gent behind Tattoo Garden. You guessed it he’s an eco-friendly tattoo artist. Nathan studied plants that could product dyes and natural dye making techniques. And with companies starting to produce plant based plastic products for the tattoo industry, it made it possible for Nathan to bring sustainable products into his studio and align his ethical outlook on his tattoo work.

Hands up who is thinking about getting a tattoo? And hands up who had thought about the environmental impact of that tattoo? Yeah I hadn’t in the past either. I’m soooo pleased that I have met Nathan. Oh and he is also my neighbour. Our Studios are next to each other. Nathan runs a private tattoo studio rather than a shop (FYI I’m lusting after his space! Or at least help with decorating mine) This makes for a more relaxed and personal experience. I must admit I cannot wait for the isolation period to be over and get booked in. Please do go and check out Nathans website ad his Instagram account. There is so much to learn from Nathan. Go and give him a follow on instagram.

And last but not least, its time for some relaxation. If you are looking for some yummy candles to relax of a night then this is the place to visit. I discovered Seven and seventeen via Instagram and have purchased one of their NHS tin candles, of which 10% of the profits goes to the NHS. What I didn’t realise it that 10% from all of their profits go to mental health charities. So not only do these candles look good, smell great but the also help to do good.

Run by friends Naomi and Sarah on the Sussex coast their companies to me is focused around finding some relaxation and luxury while doing a little bit of good. The candles are made from natural wax and vegan friendly and everything comes in recyclable/reusable glass and recyclable cardboard packaging. You know you have found a good candle when your partner walks in and comments on how great the room smells.

So there you have it, my May eco alternatives. I hope you go and check these people and companies out and share some love.

Sending you all well and positive vibes.


*Disclaimer: I have absolutely no affiliation with any of the products mentioned. This is not an ad or paid collaboration in any way, Just me sharing the love.

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