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Its Christmas!!!!!!

Can you believe it. 1st December is here, which means the count down to Christmas and New Year is on.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas. The music, the trees, the cheer and hot chocolates (December is hot chocolate month for us!) And lets not forget everyone's own family traditions.

Chris created our first family tradition and it all began with him surprising me with our first Christmas tree. I had been at the final round of auditions for the first ever season of All that Glitters. Walking in just before midnight to a faint glow in the living room to find the tree (soon named Simon!) covered in lights with just two decorations on it, a felt merman holding a tree to present Chris in that moment and a hammer decoration to represent me. It was the most perfect of moments. I gasped like a little girl it was so magical. And yes then the tears appeared! Now each year we add to these decorations to create a tree full of memories.

Traditions, meanings and memories like these are some of the reason I love jewellery so much, As I sit here writing this, I'm looking at my rings and all the memories and emotions come flooding back. There's no better gift than the gift of memories, of creating traditions and having family heirlooms. Chris and I aren't having children but still excited about the family heirlooms we get to leave to our nieces, nephews and friends, along with stories attached.

This is what Christmas is about in our home, traditions of our own and memory making.

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