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I'm Working on it.

You may have seen me sharing the below image, and you may now be wondering what it is all about. Well, along with Fair Luxury I have made a pledge to work towards being a carbon neutral company.

You will most likely already know that I work with to plant trees each month to help off set my CO2 emission, to date we have planted 108 trees together removing 8.81t of CO2 (To find out more please click here) but this pledge is to help me to do more, to hold myself accountable and to look into other areas of my business, and my person life at where I can improve.

As an ECO aware jeweller, ECO conscious goldsmith and sustainable jewellery brand I think its important to always be looking at ways to improve and at ways that I can do more. Its because of this that I do not feel comfortable using the term Ethical Jewellery Brand. I explain more about this here. I strongly believe that it isn't limited to just our businesses, that as a sustainable and ECO brand, I have to make sure that I also carry this over into my personal life, I morally feel that they can not be separate. This is why I have shared my personal recommendations and changes i've made in previous blogs (new ones arriving soon as I have some exciting new items to share with you that i'm currently using) However, i'm also not here to preach, to make anyone feel guilty about anything. I know that it is hard, but if we can make just a few small positive switches, or be more aware say when we are making a purchase, then these things have a larger positive impact than we realise.

I believe as a business it's my responsibility to make my product as eco aware, eco conscious and sustainable as possible. This is why I only use recycled golds, made to order and why every item of jewellery comes beautiful gift wrapped in packaging that is 100% plastic free, made from recycled materials and can be recycled and/or composted. I consider Rebekah Ann Jewellery the luxury independent jewellery brand that's doesn't cost the Earth, and this is what drives me.

I hold my hands up, I know there is much more I can do which is why its something i'm forever working on, but be confident in the knowledge that when you work with me, that your jewellery truly is the most sustainable jewellery it can be and ECO conscious and that i'm always looking at ways to grow.

To find out more pleas visit here. And if you feel I am missing anything please do let me know.



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