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Devoted to you

This Blog is related to my Devoted rings but firstly may I begin by saying how very sorry I am for my delay again in posting a blog, my lack of social media activity and all round radio silence around my business. My old body has been having a wobble the past few months. All is behaving again so on we go...! But thank you for your patience and understanding.

Actually talking of devotion, and my naughty body. I can not put into words how lucky I am. I met a lovely gent just before my body went into flare mode. Now he could have run away, but instead he has stayed and supported me. Hes showered me, carried me, held me when i've been emotional, made me laugh when nothing else could and been an all round wonderful egg. He has show me what true devotion is. If this is how good it is in the beginning, well i'm excited for a life with this delicious being.

And so this leads me to my Devotion rings. Everyone has a different idea for what they would like as a visual, daily reminder of the words share with their loved on on their wedding day. There are no rules, it just has to be right for you.

I will be introducing a few of my personal "classic" designs to my site, but because everyone's' love is unique I want all your rings to be unique as well. So everything I make, is made to order just for you.

My favourite way to make your Devotion rings is actually using your family gold. To reuse something from you or your family and turn it into a new item of jewellery brings me pure joy. It can throw up some challenges at points, but i love a good challenge.

So if you are getting married and interested in having a ring made, please do get in touch. Prices for a melt up begin at £140.


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