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COVID restricted wedding - We loved it

The cat is out of the bag. Yes, Chris and I said our I do's in an intimate ceremony in London at The Old Marylebone Town hall on 10th June.

I'm going to write a full blog once we have our photos back as I want to share it properly with you all, all the incredible suppliers we used, what we did ourselves. The eco options we used and of course i'll be talking about they jewellery that I wore!, but I wanted to put people's minds at ease about smaller weddings. It was such a fun, romantic and perfect day, We didn't feel the impact of COVID on the day it's self and would do it all again I'm a heartbeat.

In my teens I envisioned a large wedding in a castle. But in my 20's and 30's I realised I wanted something small, ideally an elopement to some exotic land. When Chris and I meet, early on in our relationship we talked about weddings and we both had the same idea. We wanted something small and personal, and so with COVID it didn't impact too greatly on our vision. After getting engaged in May 2020 the elopement overseas was off the table if we wanted to get married within the next year or so but we decided we could have our intermit elopement style wedding here in the UK. And so that's what we did! We booked everything from our garden one afternoon.

We did have to rearrange our original wedding day from 13th May 2021 because of the restrictions still in place at the time. We were offered 3rd June, However while on the phone confirming a little mix-up happened and the 3rd was booked online by another couple, thankfully the 10th June at our original time became available and all other venues and suppliers were able to accommodate us. Our wedding was back on!

Even with our small secret guest list of 6, we still had to ask one guest to wait outside due to the current restrictions in place at the time around weddings. The room we had booked lucky could have 6 guests with the then restrictions, we were like "how perfect is that, it's meant to be" but it turned out to that the 6 included a photographer. This is all in a room which usually seats 15. So even our tiny wedding had issue with numbers. I felt terrible having to ask someone to wait for us on the steps, but he was so incredibly lovely about it and got to join us all from the moment we walked out to a sea of rose petals, lavender and wildflower seeds confetti.

So even though there were a few little hiccups with the wedding date and one less person at the ceremony than we had invited, everything else about our day was perfect. Everyone was so incredibly lovely, supportive, helpful, kind and kept our secret for months!

So a small wedding because of COVID might not be what you envisioned but I promise you it'll be amazing. And with numbers easing, if you are feeling uneasy having larger numbers I say go small. I love weddings but I must admit the smaller, more personal ones have been my favourites.

Big love to all my fellow wedding restrictions couples 💛💛



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