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Black Friday...

Just say no! Ok I need to be more clear here. I'm all for a bargain and finding a deal I truly am, I love a deal but I don't believe in needless buying and spending.

The talk of Black Friday discounts It's got me thinking about our buying habits, particularly towards Christmas and how many disposable gifts we give. So why not make a pledge this year to gift something that will last a life time, that supports small business. My family and I have changed how we do Christmas, We do secret Santa and we purchase one special gift for one person. We're are saving money, we're gifting something truly lovely and with meaning and doing our bit to stop the needles waste. It's also added excitement back into Christmas for us adults, you should see my dad! So what I mean when I say no to Black Friday? It's no to lining the pockets of large companies. Its no to filling our homes and lives with needless goods and its us starting to shop more wisely and invest our money in goods that last a lifetime.

The other side of Black Friday is the pressure on independent/small business. Discounting is hard for small business. I personally do not price to discount so therefore no room to do so. I want to be able to bring you my lovely customers the best price possible 365 days of the year not just at certain periods. But as a small business you do feel the pressure, if I don't join in am I going to miss out on potential sales? Are customers going to view me differently? And so I have decide to stick to my beliefs and not get involved in Black Friday this year, I hope you lovely peeps understand my reasons behind this and will continue to support myself and other small business who are not partaking this year.

Remember gifts aren't just for Christmas they should be for life (unless its handmade chocolate! Then eat that right away 😋) .

If you agree please do share my graphic. Let's spread the word 🖤✔️#notoblackfriday .

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