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April Eco alternatives

Here we go peeps, it’s April and my new monthly eco alternatives blog is live! Well you know that, you're here reading. Quick question, Did you catch my March eco alternatives Blog? Its well worth checking out.

These monthly top finds are to replace products I already use with a more eco aware alternative. Some i've already started using or signed up to, some are on my list ready for when my current items run out or wear out. I wanted to share with you the companies, individuals and products I find. So should we drive straight in?

My first shout out is to a fellow Brighton ECO brand, Zola Amour. In the same way that I make all my eco jewellery to order, Zola Amour also make all their clothing to order and I LOVE this. When you look at this, the £45 price seems like a steal! Zola are aware, as I am, that shopping sustainably and ethically can be harder on the wallet, so they offer a payment plan, which is fantastic. SO on my Birthday wish list this month is this black bamboo cotton t-shirt. And you know what while I’m at it I’ll take one in white!

You need to go and check out the full collection and Zola Amours founder Emily story at And I couldn’t agree more #FuckFastFashion

Next up we have Wearth London. This is a fabulous site offering a Wealth of eco and sustainable items from an array of eco aware independent brands, over 150 in fact! Wearth was founded by Imogen and Ed who want to live and shop in a more conscious way. As they found it difficult to find what they were looking for they decided to create Wearth as a way to enable people to make more informed purchases. And I’m loving it!

As you know I’m limiting what I am buying and only looking to buy things when needed and my towels need to be turned into cleaning cloths! They have done me proud. So step in these lovely and Beautiful eco-friendly bathroom towels which are made from a combination of organically grown bamboo and combed long-staple cotton. These towels by Panda are just the ticket. If anyone knows where I can find a direct link to Panda please let me know and I will update this blog to include them, but you can find these lovelies on wearth. xx

I may not wear much makeup but I do love makeup and yes I do wear it every day. I feel ready to tackle the day wearing my makeup. My skin only seems to like Bareminerals and I do love their products but not loving the plastic packaging involved so I want to find a replacement with better packaging. Step in All Earth Minerals Cosmetics. I’m so excited, my samples I ordered have turned up and I’m loving it. To begin with I am trying out their powered and concealer. £2 each for the samples with free shipping gets a huge thumbs up from me.

All Earth Minerals Cosmetics Co Founder Julie has 19 years’ experience as a make-up artist she really knows her stuff. Interested in seeing their samples? Simply click here to head straight to them.

Hands up who likes getting goodies in the post? Hands up who is looking to make a switch over to eco products and alternatives at home? Well this could just well be the answer… a monthly subscription to some eco-friendly goodies! I’ve just signed up to the bi-monthly subscription to help me to continue my transition over to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. And boy are they cutie.

Authentic House has been built by the wonderful Alice (customer services and all communication is simply on point. I want Alice to be my friend 😊) Alice launched Authentic House in July 2018 as an eco-friendly subscription service to build a community around simple, positive changes that we can make month by month. And with each purchase a donation is made to Tree’s for cities. Alice we solute you. Go and check out everything Authentic House has to offer here. And i can not wait to let you know about all the new products I discover all thanks to Alice and Authentic House.

Hands up who loves super cute packaging? Loving this eco friendly set from Salt Tribe and I can almost smell the products from here.

I love the Salt Tride ethos, they want to to help solve the worlds environmental problem of single- use plastic pollution. Amen! They aim to be responsible in selling products that are natural, sustainable and ethical as possible. There passion in making eco-friendly living as accessible and affordable to all.

I can honestly say I’m impressed with the price points, £8 for moisturiser, this is a fantastic price. I currently have I eye on the first set, think it would be a lovely birthday gift (fam, wink wink)

7 Rebekah Ann Diamond Studs and Diamond rings

And here we go, last but not least we have my recycled gold delicate diamond rings and rose cut studs. Of course i would have to include my own products. Hopefully by now you’ll know my motto, Who said luxury should cost the Earth! All my jewellery is hand made to order, made using as eco aware processes as possible, only using recycled metals and everything come gift wrapped in beautiful packaging which is made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled or composed. I only sell online or direct to you my lovely customers, meaning I can pass on savings by cutting out retails outlets.... Who said luxury should cost the Earth.

So there you have it, my April eco alternatives to help step into a more sustainable way of living.

Do you have any recommendations? I would love to know.


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