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Eco alternatives

I’ve decided that monthly I’m going to bring my top eco alternative products for daily items we all use. With the boom of eco aware products has come a whole new consumer market, items that we simply don’t really need are being produced and labelled ethical and environmentally friendly and so people buy them. yes they are eco but do re really need them? I’m all for eco friendly, it’s the whole ethos of my business. However, do we all really need say metal straws in our homes? In bars and restaurants, perfect but how many of us used straws at home before and how many of use now own metal ones now… and there lies the problem.

So my monthly top finds are to replace products I already use with a more eco aware alternative when the time comes for me to replace my current item. So lets jump in.

Mobile phone case. Now most of us have a mobile these days, and to ensure they last as long as possible they need to have case. A case which has been made of plastic. Entre the biodegradable case, Isn’t this phone case lovely? Starting in 2019, Wild Case aim to lead the effort in protecting coastlines, oceans and wild animals, by providing alternative, eco-friendly products that are used across the world, every day. Guys I’m in.

hands up who wears jewellery daily. I do! So how could I not included myself here (blush) My Jewellery made from entirely recycled and recyclable gold and silver, only ever being made to order so reducing the valuable resources being over used. Using eco aware practices and recycled and recyclable packaging. Who said luxury should cost the Earth. Have you visited my Etsy before? why not take a look.

Weekly food shop, gym kit, handbag or over night bag. A tote bag has you covered. Tote La Vie is a husband and wife company selling 100% cotton tote bags which can be personalised. As they are 100& cotton when they come to the end of there life you would be able to source textiles recycling near you. check out for extra help.

The average person spends 27 years in bed across their life time! 27 years!!! Tip, Invest in good bedding. And what is better than Linen bedding. So Linen products are created from high quality stonewashed European linen. They contain no artificial, synthetic additives. Did you know that Linen has antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties? It does not cause allergy and irritation. Linen fabric is also breathable and antistatic. Perfect for something you spend aprox 7 hours a day ( or should i say night) in. My bedding its coming towards the end of its life (I cut up old bedding for cleaning rags or donate the material) and I can not wait to invest in some linen bedding from So Linen.

I’m loving Wilo Wood UK products. There “Organic vegan kitchen unsponge pot scrubby” looks great and is It is a totally chemical free antibacterial super absorbent fibre. The sponge is plastic free , biodegradable and compostable. Win, Win, Win in my book. You need to go and check out there other products as well. Small changes like this will add up to a lot.

I’ve been making the switch to using refillables and have been a little saddened to find plastic bottles in some of the refill shops. Enter these Amber Glass Stylish Reusable bottles by Charlie Rose Vintage. I am in love. Stylish, practical and reusable. Who said eco couldn't be chic!

Who doesn’t love an Epsom salt bath. They help me to relax and I’ve started to enjoy once a week. And this Handmade eco-friendly, natural and vegan Epson salts by Zoes Craft Room look divine. I can already imagaine the smell, Heaven.

So there you have it, my March top switches. What switches are you looking to make?


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