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Sorry I have been so quiet

Hello you beautiful bunch. Thank you for coming by to ready my latest blog. I'm sorry i have been so quiet. I promise that I am working on lots of exciting post to start bringing you content more regularly.

Today is a busy day updating Etsy, thinking about social media content while packing orders and taking them to the post office. The life of a independent business owner is busy but I love it. I love working for you my customers and followers. I know technically I work for myself but I don't view it like that, without you I couldn't work for myself so therefore I actually work for you, or even with you. My entire business is focused around you guys. What I think you'll like, listening to what you say, taking this on board, making any changes. See what I can do to make the experience a lovely one for you, how can I make it more personal for you, and so the list goes on. So you truly are my primary focus. And I would love to show more of you in my business, brand, blogs and social media.

So if you have any pictures of your wearing jewellery I have made for you or have a story behind the jewellery that you would like to share, please please do get in touch and let share this with the world.


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