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Recycling Jewellery

Recycling is at the heart of my business as every item of jewellery is made from recycled gold or silver. All my packaging can be recycled and/or composted and for me this is the most ECO conscious and sustainable way to make jewellery. I also do a large number of remodels which again is recycling an item of precious jewellery into a modern day heirloom which can be passed down and reworked again and again and again. But what happens to the unwanted, damaged and broken costume and fashion jewellery that say can not be repaired? Well thanks to the lovely Sophia of Fine Tuned Wardrobe, I have learnt that there are charities what will recycle these items for you. And not only that but they will recycle DVD players, phones and even cars! Yes Cars.

Here you can send these items to help raise money for such charities as Brain Tumour Research. Here is the free postage label but make sure you check the weight of the items on the site before sending.

For larger donations you can enquire here.

Again the Alzheimer's Society will take damage and broken items, including jewellery. You can make a request to donate here.

And here are a list of others that I have found that work in very much the same way as the two charities above. They are:

Recycling for good causes (works with over 500 charities)

Now I don't know the process in which these items are recycled, how they are recycled and what is done with the items. But it looks like an interesting way and great way to recycled these tricky items. Items that can so often just be put in the the bin or driven to a local dump!


Second image thanks to @earthtokarly

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