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Pre wedding shoot

Its a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and we are sat in Botanique waiting to meet the Lovely Natalia for our pre wedding shoot ahead of our elopement. For the second time in a few weeks Chris announces "Why do we need to do this?" To which I reply, "To make us feel more relaxed on our wedding and so we get to meet the lovely Nat in person" Fast forward a few hours and Chris has completely changed his mind and so please we did it. For one, he fell in love with Nat (I already had!)

I'm going to share more about the wonderful Nat in a later blog but for now I wanted to share some of the amazing photos from our pre wedding shoot. We had so much fun and felt truly relaxed and happy. Such a lovely day to add to our memory bank, so thank you Nat xx

All images belong to Natalia so please do reach out if you would like to use any or have any questions for her.


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