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I have found my way back to positivity.

Who remembers reading my blog post about being nervous? Boy was I a Debbie downer! Well today I’m going to flip reserves it. Amongst everything that is going on there is still true positivity. There’s abundance. Take a step back and think of something you are thankful for right now. Take a moment to think about something that makes you smile right now. Those are the things we should be thinking about, focusing on. I know this is a difficult time BUT I want to focus on positive things, uplifting things, exciting things. I know wonderful things will grow from this situation.

So I have made a new mood board to help me focus on the things I’m attracting and full heartily welcome into my life. I’m also looking at the fabulous things I have discovered in the past couple of weeks. I feel like I’m so much closer to fulfilling my Eco alternatives living. I have purchased and supported other small business when people have supported me. There feels a true sense of community.

So I wanted to share what I am focusing on right now, and perhaps they will help you.

I’m envisioning the growth of my business; I see more people wanting to invest in quality fine jewellery again and moving away from fast jewellery. I can see the front door of my new home, I can see a debt free life. I see a long and loving relationship with Chris, travel, adventure and giggles and old age naughtiness! I See us getting married somewhere far away, just the two of us. I see a life filled with wonderful friends and family. I see me being able to help and treat my friends and family. I see new hobbies and trying new things. I see a large workshop where I welcome in people to help them grow their skills and develop a business. I see myself working with a charity. This is the life I want; this is the life I am welcoming with my open arms and my open heart. I see my life full of abundance. This is the life I desire and with positivity and belief I know that before a blink of an eye these things will arrive one by one into my life. And they can for you too, you just need to remain positive, focus on what you truly want and trust in the process. Envision it, daydream about it.

Hands up who else has been learning about the law of attraction, the manifestation of abundance? Who has done research into grounding? Take some time to look into this, to think about what it is you really want out of life and truly focus on it daily, as much as possible. Believe me you’ll be amazed at what a differences it makes.

So this is the new me, I’m focusing on what I want, not on what I don’t want. This Eco aware jeweller from Brighton is ready. Are you?


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