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OK, i'm nervous...

I’m not sure how to begin this bog today. Its not often that I’m truly lost for words, or for the right words. I know you have heard or read this most likely a 1000 times about how we are living in a very strange time. Some have described it as fighting a war of sorts, a war on a virus. And its true. But yet somehow it still feels surreal, like this isn’t really happen. Please do not get me wrong, I know its happening but its hard to get my head around everything.

And then I pause and look at my e-mails and my selling platforms and its like tumble weeds. I read the news and look at how the government is looking to help people and there is a gap, the self employed and freelancers.

Now its time to get deeply honest…!

I'm nervous. I put a lot of money into my business and similarly to a number of small business owners I don’t have a back up. I used my backup to start my business, to build myself a future for myself. I have a large invoice owing that is late and if this isn't paid then i'm all out of cash. I do have balances due on a couple of jobs which i'm waiting on items to be able to finish but once these are done, that is. I told you this is honest! And I know i'm not alone.

You guys can truly help support independent designers like myself at this time simply by liking, commenting, sharing posts, leaving reviews etc These all helps a business become more visible and the more visible we are the more chance we have of bouncing back after all of this. If you can purchase a voucher from an independent for someones birthday at this time then this would be an incredible thing. But truly, liking all the posts you can makes a differences. We don't get orders or we become sick we do not get paid. This is it for us. I know this is such a hard time for everyone, truly I know, I have friends that have sadly lost their jobs, people that are ill.

Even though I feel nervous I still want to remain positive, I have to for my mental health, for my soul and for my business.

From darkness great things are born.


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