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November ECO Alternatives

Hello hello. Firstly, sorry for my super delay or should I say pause in these ECO Alternatives blogs. The months have just run away with me. But the time has come to restart. And what better way to begin than to think ahead to *gulp Christmas!

In my close family we aren't big gift givers, so Christmas for me isn't about gifts, it's about the day. I've done the huge family Christmases, the small family Christmas, the large friends Christmas, the small friends Christmas and I have spent Christmas day on my own (yes by choice and yes it was magical) I have in the past been know to be up at 5am, texting friends with excitement. I get excited for what the day is about.

When we were children it was about having a new "best" outfit (our gift from our parents) meeting with family friends in the morning and family in the afternoon. It was the exciting foods and drinks on we never normally had, the music and the noise. Oh the noise. Joyous noise. Then as I got older it was about seeing Friends on Christmas eve in a local pub, making new friends by heading into town and everyone being full of cheer. And then it's also been about a day to truly relax and spoil myself with drinks, foods, walks and self pamper with no one to answer to.

There are a few Christmas traditions that I love, and over the past couple of years i've been looking to find ECO alternatives. And these are my current favs.

1: Advent Calendar by TuftysOrchard

These stunning jute bags come with handmade clay tags and I think they are just dreamy. Perfect to pop a chocolate inside. Or how about a little notes or a little fun task? 12th get Christmas tree... Just an idea.

2: Gift wrapping by happywrap

I love wrapping gifts. Love it and have a certain style that I have stuck to which is brown paper which can be drawn on and then recycled, tied up with string. But these i'm loving. I'm thinking add a personalised tag and reuse again and again.

3: Plantable Christmas Cards by Earth Bits

These Christmas cards are gifts in themselves. The gift of Wild flowers or herbs! Yep, these christmas cards are plantable, they have been embedded with seeds, so the whole card can be planted and turn into beautiful wildflowers or herbs! I love this.

Crackers are fun but boy are they made of and full of plastic rubbish. Well why not make your own and pop a little meaningful note and little treat inside. And why not add a few of your favorite dad jokes!

5: Christmas Face mask by DukeandJakeDesigns

Christmas is looking a little different this year, so why not get yourself a Christmas inspired face mask to help spread some Christmas cheer. A lovely friend of mind, Brighton Makes, will also be bringing out some Christmas inspired goodies so keep an eye on her instagram page.

So there you have it, a few of my eco Christmas warm up alternatives and one COVID related item!

Would love to hear your ideas and what you might be doing differently this Christmas.

Sending love and positive vibes,


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