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July ECO Alternative blog

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

And just like that its the 1st July. How are we in the 7th Month of 2020 already?! No really, how?

2020 has been such a strange one, but among the heartache, upset, lockdown and pain there has been some truly magical times. One of them being the arrival of the newest member to the family, my baby nephew, arriving on 20th June and i'm bursting to meet him.

I've also continued to look for everyday ECO alternatives to help you and I make the switch to a more sustainable way of living. So are we ready to jump in and find out my July ECO alternatives? Lets go.

I have a confession, I am obsessed with Eden Green Co. Not only are they stunning products, but they use Zero Waste packaging, are cruelty free, use no alcohol, parabens or SLS and are Handcrafted in Kent, UK. Eden Green aim to help people consciously adopt a healthier lifestyle by providing natural alternatives, to normalise the use of pure and organic resources for the body and mind, in a society where artificial is often the default. Eden Green take it back to the source and believe nature holds some of the best answers skin and health issues of today. and I couldn't agree more.

I've purchase several products for myself and friends. My skin care routine has always been a little hit and miss but now I have a routine in place, morning and night without fail. It truly feels like my morning and evening pamper session. My personal fav now is the body oils. I use for my face body and hair, now having ditched conditioner all together.

I can tell you that Esther customer services and attention detail as well as the most incredible products, is fabulous. Customer for life here.

This genuine diamond ring is handmade by me in recycled god. I have now include 18ct recycled gold as a choice for your jewellery and super excited to be doing so. If you have a look around you will notice that most people will have some form of jewellery on, and I want to help bring about awareness of how your jewellery is made, what it is made from, who made it and to help people to purchase a staple collection that will last a lifetime and beyond, rather than fast fashion jewellery that ends up in landfill. This cute ring is the perfect staple in your capsule jewellery collection or makes for a wonderful engagement ring.

4: Nikura

Nikura is a Vegan friendly essential oils company. I personally have started using more essential oils in place of perfume, in my bath water on the odd occasion I have a bath and also for their other benefit. My personal favour now is sweet orange, smells s fresh and invigorating. I've also purchased a couple for friends as part of their birthday gift boxes. Now i'm on the hunt of a nice oil burner. Any suggestions send them on over.

Now i've stopped using conditioner i'm on the hunt for nice, ECO shampoo and I about to go and place an order with The Guild Free Soapery.

The Guilt Free Soapery began as a way to avoid single use plastic and consumerism as a family; particularly via ‘big business’. Through sharing their product with friends the idea to widen this to a like-minded community was born. Guilt free Soapery believe that convenience has lead to a society and environment that is exhausted and requiring nourishment, they want to make it easier for all to access ethical and natural products that are luxurious but do not cost the Earth. I urge you to go and take a look at their selection of products

ECO dental floss? I had struggled, then bam, Thank you Hot Cocoa ECO living. I love that Hot Cocoa ECO, created by Ella, is on a quest to make the everyday moments beautiful through sustainable living and gifting. And this is on my list to go along side my toothpaste tablets.

I love underwear, its one of my secret passions but finding nice sustainable underwear has been tricky. Enter Sloanie. Sloanie make our super-soft undies from TENCEL™ Modal fibres, which are made from cellulose found in Austrian beech trees. It's a biodegradable and compostable material derived from renewable wood sources. Using innovative and unique technologies, Sloanie Austrian manufacturer is leading the industry in terms of sustainability.

So there you go, my July ECO alternatives. I'll only ever be suggesting what I class as everyday items, no fad or one time use items, but items to help you and I move over to a more ECO and sustainable way of living. If you have any recommendations i would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting,


*Disclaimer: I have absolutely no affiliation with any of the products mentioned. This is not an ad or paid collaboration in any way, Just me sharing the love.


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