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It hit me...I'm a business women!

Yesterday on my way to my workshop I had to pause and take a moment. It suddenly hit me, the words that someone had just said to me, that I am a business women!

I’m standing on my own two feet and get to do something I love everyday. My hard work rewards me. I’ve done this all myself, I’ve built this business, I worked full time then part time for someone else to help me build this business and now, now this is my full time job, this is my business, my career. It’s my passion. But then it hits me again, yes I have done this but it’s you lovely peeps supporting independent creatives like myself that make it possible. I feel honoured that people from all around the world have chosen to purchase my work for themselves, as a gift or an item to represent their love. Jewellery holds so much meaning for the person buying, but it also holds the love from the maker. I truly and deeply love making jewellery.

I was also questioned this week as to why I make everything to order, my answer. Everyone deserves to feel special and I want all of my customers to know that when they put on their new item of jewellery that it was made just for them, that it only ever came about because they ordered that item, rather than something coming from a stock box. Jewellery is personal and I want it to feel as personal as possible.

Thank you for making this possible, Rx

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