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I'm a real romantic, the act of creating a symbol of love for a couple is so special and meaningful. It is an honor to be trusted with such an important task and it brings joy to be a part of a couple's love story.


Aside from your love and each other, your wedding ring, or as I like to also call them, Your Devotion Ring, is the only thing that you carry with you every single day of your life. It should be something special for you. That's why every single ring, no matter the design, is hand made to order just for you. Meaning its as unique as you and your love for each other.

I am committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere for all individuals and couples. When you choose to work with me, you can trust that I'll create a safe and comfortable space for you to design and select your rings. I want to make sure that you feel celebrated and supported throughout the process I strive to understand your unique needs and preferences so that together we can create a truly special and meaningful piece of jewellery for you to cherish.

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Green energy website rebekah ann jeweller.png
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