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Introducing SMO gold 2mm x1.2mm D-shaped wedding ring, the perfect choice for those who want to make a positive impact through responsible and sustainable sourcing practices.


As a Single Mine Origin product, each ounce of SMO gold can be traced back to a mine that is accredited with the highest standards of responsibility, ensuring that the gold is obtained in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.


*Price on Application* Based on your own unique requirements 


The mines that produce SMO gold not only provide economic support to local communities but also prioritize social, environmental, and cultural responsibility. When you choose SMO gold, you can be confident that your purchase is not only beautiful but also contributes to a better world.


To ensure transparency and traceability, we provide you with a code that allows you to trace the journey of your gold, from the mine to your doorstep. You can see exactly where your gold was mined and the impact it has had on local communities. By purchasing SMO gold, you are making a conscious choice to support responsible sourcing practices and sustainable development.


Not only does SMO gold provide a responsible and sustainable option for gold jewelry, but it is also mined without the use of mercury. This is a significant factor that sets SMO gold apart from other products and makes it the ideal choice for those who value ethical and environmentally conscious jewellery


Choose SMO gold for a stunning and socially responsible addition to your jewellery collection.


SMO (single mine origin) Ethical Gold wedding ring

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