WJN Ambassador. Whoop Whoop!

Why hello you beautiful peeps. What a month it has been. My first full month of self-employment has been incredible. So many exciting things are coming my way and I feel truly honoured.

Now you may have read my previous blog post, Female Creative Hub and Proud! Where I talk about the community of female jewellers I have built over the past two years. Well I have super exciting news (can you picture a huge smile on my face and a workshop wiggle happening) I have been selected to be a WJN Regional Ambassador, representing Brighton!

The Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN) is the first UK-wide organisation designed to connect, grow and inspire women working in the jewellery trade. Which is something I strongly believe in. And as you can imagine I’m very excited to be involved. So let me fill you in on the WJN. Their or should I say our Mission, Vision and Values are as follows:


To positively champion women and the issues that are important to them, for the benefit of the jewellery trade, in partnership with relevant trade organisations, bodies and businesses.


Equality and empowerment for women throughout the jewellery industry, for the betterment of the trade as a whole.


EQUALITY FOR ALL - Equal pay, equal terms and equal prominence for women and all protected groups.

EMPOWERMENT - Inspiring women across the jewellery sector through events, talks and education.

EXCELLENCE - Promoting professional excellence through networking, mentoring and supporting women across the global jewellery trade.

EVOLUTION - Being a catalyst for real change, supporting organisations and businesses to create positive change for the benefit of all within the jewellery sector.

I’m passionate about the trade I’m working in and the mission, vision and value of the WJN is so very close to my heart, and i know i have already said it but to be involved is honestly an incredible honour. I’ll be posting lots over the coming year so please keep your eyes peeled. And if you have any questions at all please do get in touch.


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