What is it they say about Karma?

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Today should be nothing but joyful. My workshop is two today (eek, so exciting!!) This time two years ago my small business was just starting to grow. The belief in myself was starting to grow. My following was starting to grow. But little did I know that a friendship was beginning to die.

Since that friendship began to die an issue has raised its very ugly head. The issue? Testing how a product works at someone else's time and expense, someone who had the vision, then reproducing it. The reason this has hurt so much? I supplied them with the jewellery designs in question. If I hadn't supplied them I wouldn't and couldn't bat an eyelid but I did and that changes things.

Running a small business is hard. We should support each other not use others vision, time and money to the feed your own business. Feel inspired by someone yes, admire someone absolutely but do not use them. Things naturally come to an end, but have morals, and stick to them in all aspects of life, don't loose them in business.

To them personally, you have actually broken a small piece of my heart. I once loved you as friends, respected you as a business and admired you. I missed you for a long time. Now I feel it all to be false. You once said to me 'one day you'll hate us everybody does' and you were wrong then and you are wrong now. I don't hate you I simply don't know you and perhaps truly never did.

Thankfully I can hold my head up high, I will not name the person/people/company involved. I respect our past, our history not to do this I just wish they could have shown me the same respect.

Everyone reading this, be true to yourself and others. Be true to your own vision. Because remember the old saying, Karma really is a …..!!

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