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Weddings - They can be tricky!

Today has been so dreamy and it’s not even finished! 🤩 Today has been a day talking about engagement and wedding rings, and I’m just bursting with love and excitement. I love meeting you on Zoom and hearing you exciting news. And all this exciting talk has got me sat thinking about our own wedding day while I enjoy a decaf before getting back to it.

We’re having a micro wedding which means that lots of things that you’d have for a wedding day we aren’t having, including guests. But there’s certain things we will be having and that includes flowers for me, a wedding dress (which I may already have, eek) suit for Chris, rings, super special and luxury accommodation, and venue. Next on the list is somewhere incredible to eat and celebrate after we have said our do’s.

I’m going to get really honest here with you. Planning a wedding, even a small one has taken us on a journey, a little bit on a bumpy one! We knew we wanted an elopement style/micro wedding and that to be honest has been lovely and smooth sailing with almost everything being planned during lockdown from the comfort of our home. We were a super relaxed bride and groom, even laughing at how easy but exciting it’s been. Then we started planning celebrations drinks after having a few talks with people, for later in the year. And that’s when things changed, it’s just added so much pressure mainly from ourselves and to be honest we started to feel lost and disconnected from what we had always said we wanted. It was exciting planning and talking about it but something wasn't gelling. The whole reason we wanted a micro wedding was because we didn’t want a large affair and the drinks started to feel at odds with that.

Chris and I witness a couple have a large falling out one Sunday morning while out at brunch. We were sat very close to a couple (pre covid) so no matter how hard we tried and how quiet they tried to be we could still hear them. And we felt so sad for them that a special day was making them feel so pressured and emotional. Fast forward 10 months or so and we had almost become that couple! And it’s made me think, how many people experience this?

So we have decide to hit pause on the celebration drinks, focus on us and our wedding day and what we have always said we have wanted. Perhaps we’ll do something a few months later, perhaps we'll do nothing else, perhaps on our first wedding anniversary we’ll have a party or perhaps we’ll just do micro celebrations like beach drinks with a few friends, small dinner with family and BBQ with other friends. Again we might not, Who knows? But what it has made me realise is that weddings can, even without intention add pressure to a relationship.

Already having made this decision we can feel and even see the difference between us. We are back to being us. It's amazing how fast things can change. And it has made me realise how fast you can get caught up in things. If you want a large wedding, do it enjoy it and love it, if you want small one, do it enjoy it and love it. Just make sure you are doing it for you both and not because you suddenly feel like to you need to do XYZ.

I'm so excited to be marrying this bearded man, my best friend (Sorry Sophie, you're my bestie too xx) So here's a little pic of us from our first festival together , I love this pic and all the memories it brings up.

Sending love and positive vibes to you all.


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