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The rise of the Micro Wedding

I've been talking a lot about weddings this week. Our own and what the landscape for couples and the industry is looking like if planning to get married in 2021 and beyond.

It looks like 2021 could be the year of the micro wedding and it could be the start of something new and possibly exciting! I may sound bonkers but hear me out.

I know some people have dreamt of a large wedding and I know as an industry it's been tough and continues to be so but I know others who have felt they have had to have a large wedding and ended up going into debt to do so. It's almost accept that that's what happens now. I think with this pandemic we will see the rises of the micro wedding, not just 2021 but moving forward. It's almost given couples the permission to go smaller, more personal. Perhaps couples will choose to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with a larger party. Or perhaps they won't.

I know that as an industry there is panic, but I think there is a chance for positive change. If it can cater to micro weddings, removing so many minimal booking quotas, looking at what is offered and how they can be adapted to work for couples wishing to have a micro wedding. I think we could open up a whole new area and in turn open up a whole new business.

I was amazed when looking for restaurants how one place tripped, tripled the menu cost simply because our table booking would be on our wedding day! And how two photographers had a minimal booking time of 8 hours, even for a micro wedding. There's only so many photos we can have when having such an indermate wedding 😂 So I feel that this pandemic could be good at shaking things up for everyone, we need to look at the bigger picture, see how we can offer the best for you/us couples wishing to announce their love for each other and declare their commitment to each other.

Believe me, I'm gutted for those unable to marry, for those business that are struggling and the whole uncertainty around weddings right now. I personally have lost work as a direct result of this pandemic as couples postpone or even cancel their weddings. But I also understand and believe that some changes could be made to help it move forward in these new and different times. And it could move forward in a rather lovely and positive way.

Love is not cancelled.

As our wedding day is a surprise for all, I cannot give anything away but I will be sharing all after our big day... As i've said, We are choosing a micro wedding but we are still working with people within the wedding industry. We have still booked a photographer, make-up artist and florist. We'll have invites for the small number of people coming and then announcements to share the exciting news once we are Mr & Mrs.

We've got Eco confetti, and other wedding bits (can't share right now... and yes they are eco) We are staying in a hotel, using a venue and have a restaurant booked. I have my wedding dress, which is being altered by an incredible lady. My point here is, even with a micro wedding, we are still working with a large number of people, mostly independent business. Yes our orders maybe smaller than the average wedding, but we are still here, purchasing, supporting and getting excited. And if we are doing this, there must be thousands of couples wanting to do the same.

Sending love and positive vibes.


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