POPUP baby! And you're all invited

Hello lovely peeps. Sorry that this blog is ever so slightly late but I promise there is a very good reason why. Its a POPUP baby! When JewelStreet ask if you'd like to be part of their First ever popup of course your answer is going to be hell YES! To say i'm excited is an understatement. But man am I busy, i'm not complaining I'm truly not, just busy! And it's all going to be worth it.

For one week only JewelStreet and a selection of the designers that sell on there planform, including meeeeeeee will be heading to Boxpark Shoreditch. The popup will be running from Tuesday 16th October until Sunday 21st October. I'll be there in person on Tuesday 16th October ready to meet all you lovely people. This isn't just JewelStreets first ever popup but also my very first one, I'm excited and interested to see how it goes. And also nervous (blush)

Did you spy the image above, of course you did I made it large enough! This is the image to promote my brand at the JewelStreet Popup, this in its self caused a few issues (thank you Sam for being ever so patience with me) You see I produced my logo and all my photography, yes little old me. Sadly they were all too small to use (time to pull my hair out) Add to the mix that I had been away when imagery was first requested resulted in me trying to find something that might work. In the end I produced a new logo on an app and thankfully the superstar that is Sam managed to adapt it for use. I also had a couple of images that I hadn't played around with too much that we could use for the background. But you know what I'm rather happy with the result. Nice one Sam and co.

I can't quiet believe its all happening. I started selling on JewelStreet 5 months ago now and feel honoured to be part of their community. Its fabulous to have such platforms to sell and promote your work and when you get invited to be part of an event like their first pop up, well what can I say I just feel blessed.

So lovely peeps if you are about between Tuesday 16th October and Sunday 21st October come on down to Boxpark Shoreditch and meet some of the fabulous people and brands behind.

The all important Opening hours are:

Tuesday 11am – 7pm

Wednesday 11am – 7pm

Thursday 11am – 8pm

Friday 11am – 7pm

Saturday 11am – 7pm

Sunday 11am – 6pm

Hope you can make it.


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