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Updated: Oct 9, 2018

We all have that moment of thinking or saying out aloud, I wish I were my own boss. Or that I wish my hard work rewarded me rather than my employer. Well guess what you and it can! There I said it, Say it with me peeps, You can. It just takes an idea, a name and to go for it (ok and knowledge of your chosen area). And with a lots areas you can do it all without the need of big loans, fancy logos and all that jazz (to begin with anyway, once you have made some money invest in this, better yet go support another start-up when you do) But this post is how I got started without all of that and how you can too.

It was very early into my 30’s when I had had enough and truly believed I could be my own boss. I was s@#t scared. And there were a whole host of reasons why. My crazy body and its stupid autoimmune system (Hi fellow spoonies) Self doubt, Worry because of my dyslexia (Try being dyslectic and attempting to spell the flipping word… not easy I can tell you) fear of failure and even fear of success! I know, I know how bonkers. But thankfully I sometimes get an idea and jump right in feet first before I have chance to change my mind. And that’s what I did. My little business was born thanks to fat knees and dirty Martinis. And of course a yearning for change.

Now I didn’t quit my day job as I need to have security but I did reduce hours after a couple of months. I did do everything above board, i.e registered as self employed and all that necessary business. Honestly its so important to do these things, it’s the law people. No law breaking here, just go getters! You don’t want to be hunted down and have to pay fines, not good business sense, especially as we are trying to do things without big personal debt and needless spending!

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