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Beauty in the Broken - A new idea!!

Actually, its not such a new idea. You only have to look to the Japanese art of Kintsugi and the traditional Japanese's aesthetic of Wabi sabi to learn to find beauty within the damaged, broken, imperfect and unfinished.

This idea I've had floating around for a little while, and now its starting to form into a real concept.

I already have a deep love for stones which have inclusions in, which some see as faults and others as individual and unique beauty. So what if I could extend this love beyond the natural flaws and look for beauty within the broken, damaged and otherwise imperfect? So I have reached out to a few of my suppliers about stones that are damaged that aren't viable to be recut, and I haven't been laughed out the door! I want to turn these stones which otherwise would be dis-guarded into modern treasures.

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These items will be lightly different to my other items of work, they will be made in small batches and there will be release dates. Each item will be 100% unique and will be designed and made around the damage. Some may showing the damage and imperfection, others it'll be hidden. But for all they will come with an image of the stone in its unset state to show the imperfection.

This is not going to happen over night. I am arranging to go and visit suppliers who are pulling together items for me to view. I will then be sharing some sneaky peeks of these along the way.

To be the first to learn about the items being worked on, release dates and more please subscribe using the link in the footer.

As with all my jewellery these items will be made in post consumer 100% recycled golds in the most eco conscious and sustainably way possible.

I'm so exciting to start to bring this idea alive. Lets remove the damage stones from draw and old stock boxes that no one is sure what to do with and lets make them into modern treasured and much loved items.

Any questions at all please to reach out, i'm always here to help.

Love to you all


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